Duncan Appoints College Access Assistant

Monday, March 30, 2009
Alexander Russo reports on This Week in Education ("USDE: "Another Windy City Pick For Duncan") that Greg Darnieder, former head of the Chicago Public Schools' Department of College and Career Preparation, has joined U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan's team as a special assistant for college access.

Sara praised Greg in an earlier Optimist post ("Yeah It's Arne Duncan!").

Despite his title, I assume and hope that he'll be working on college success as well--not just access.

"Duncan's Team"
"From High School To The Future: Chicago Leads The Way"

Sara adds:


This is a great move. I've seen Greg in action numerous times, and have to tell you, this guy has got the goods. First of all, he understands how to get people to work together on behalf of kids. Second, he gets incentives, both carrots and sticks. Third, he gets research-- and he's not scared of data. Fourth, he asks thoughtful, relevant questions. And fifth, he's got what it takes. Yee-haw, Duncan just made my day!