Time to Get Creative

Thursday, March 26, 2009
One of the hardest things about being a scholar of higher education is working at a university. Inevitably we're seen as either pandering to the administration, or in direct warfare with it. What I can't understand is why leaders at universities don't identify and embrace their colleagues as (nearly) free sources of expertise. Those of us who study higher ed are generally a deeply committed body of folks who love nothing more than dreaming up creative ways to help colleges achieve.

Yet so often we're left out in the cold, only brought in at the last minute when it's time to give us a warning and tell us to shut up. Which, of course, makes us less effective, hurt, and generally pissed off.

My last two days were extremely long ones, extremely fraught ones...and today will be no exception. My task: figure out, in short time, highly nuanced and effective ways to increase the amount of need-based aid UW has WITHOUT promoting economic inequality. I'm glad I have a pool of talented colleagues with which to confer. Now only if I'd had more time....