This is What Communication Looks Like?

Friday, March 18, 2011

UW-Madison Chancellor Martin has received positive press for her willingness to use social media to communicate with her public. In 2009 she was described in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as open to feedback, and eager to engage.

"We've got a chancellor here who has been trying very hard to be open to feedback. She's done a huge number of public forums, trying to build support for the Madison Initiative," [Katy] Culver said. "Having her out there and appearing to be someone who is interested in using social media, is open to letting her personality out there, that may work very, very well for her."

I thought this was super-cool of her. So, I started talking with her over Twitter about the New Badger Partnership. As a professional, I tried hard to balance candor, curiosity and a respectful tone. I mean, heck, I'm also untenured!

Imagine my surprise when a few days ago I noticed her Tweets disappeared from my feed. I was no longer following her. Not to mention, she'd stopped responding to me. I thought, ok, I'm being ignored-- I get it, she's busy, and disagrees with my point of view.

But it's more than that- I've been officially BLOCKED. Blocked from my Chancellor's Twitter feed. Can't follow her. And I'm told by others who oppose the NBP that I'm not alone.

This is what communication looks like?


UPDATE: Check out Sherman Dorn's "Note to Biddy Martin"

UPDATE: On Saturday midday I received a Twitter notification that Biddy Martin wants to follow me. Ok, so I checked: and now I'm allowed to follow her again. Needless to say, I'm glad she's changed her mind. On Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Me again. Apparently other folks are still blocked from following Chancellor Martin. This is not resolved.